Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Poor Squirrel

I've been at home today waiting on the repairmen to fix our internet/tv/link to the outside world.  We had a storm in our area on Saturday that decided to visit our front door.  Well, not exactly the front door, but we sustained some damage from a lightning strike.  It was quite an experience, and I have a whole new respect for lightning and it's power.  We can get the sprinkler system replaced, get new wiring and equipment for the electronics...but the sad little squirrel in the pic suffered the most. 

Notice the acorn still in his mouth.  He really gave his all for a good meal!  I'm sure there are life lessons or sermon illustrations that could be gleaned from this experience and visual...but I gotta go! We have internet access for the first time in 3 days!  Woohoo!