Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Little Girl

Saturday I sang at the Ladies' Tea at our church.  The theme was kind of valentiny even though it was actually after Valentine's Day.  So in the spirit of love, I sang a silly little song that my dad sang to me when I was a little girl-before I sang the serious song.

I told the ladies a little about my Dad. He loved music. Driving together, he'd say something like, "Listen to this song I wrote." and off he'd burst into song.

He was a huge jokester, and sometimes I knew that he really didn't "write" the songs he was singing to me, but sometimes he fooled me. 

So Saturday, right before the tea began, I stepped to the hallway, called my mom and asked if he actually wrote the song that I was going to sing.  She thought it was pretty funny that I was going to sing this song at the tea.  She said, "no, honey, he didn't write that one."  So I returned to my seat, and 2 seconds later, she called me and said, "but go ahead and tell them he did!"  My Dad wasn't the only jokester in the fam!

So here is the little song:
My little girl, she got sleepy,
So she went upstairs to bed.
She laid her glass eye on the mantle,
She placed her peg leg 'neath the bad.
She put her false teeth on the dresser,
and her false hair in the chair.
My little girl, I could love you,
But you're so scattered everywhere!

I love that my Dad loved to laugh, and passed that down to me! I'm proud to be his little girl!