Thursday, January 10, 2013

Once a Seeker, Always a Seeker

It was Sunday afternoon, and a group was at the church to unpack all the boxes, and fluff all the wreaths, and test all the lights to make sure the beautiful decorations that adorn our sanctuary were ready for Hanging of the Greens.

I was there too, and while working alone, I asked the Father very simply, “will you show me something new this season? I want to experience Christmas in a whole new way.”  I went on to complete my assignment, but no inspiration hit me that day.

A few days later preparations began for the season at my house. My son was coming home from completing his first semester of college, and I wanted a festive, welcome  home for him.  While working alone, I asked the Father my simple request. “Will you show me something new this season? I want to experience Christmas in a whole new way.”  But no inspiration came to me that day.

For several days, as it came to mind, I asked the question, but still-no answer. Then, while listening in on the children’s Christmas program rehearsal, finally, my answer came. As I watched those wiggly little people trying to get all their lines in and stand in the right place on the stage, I realized that each character in the nativity story shared one common thread.

They were all Seekers. Wise men giving years of their lives to seek and following a star. Shepherds walking off the job and chasing after angels.  Young parents, so good at seeking God that they were chosen to bring up his Son while He lived on earth!

God was saying to me, “Seek me, Mary”.  You see, though sincere in wanting to learn something new, my simple request wasn’t born in action. Honestly, it was a come-and-serve-me kind of request.  That’s not what the Father had in mind for me.
My “something new” was not what God could show me, but in my moving to action.

Seeking him.
For joy, for peace, for promise.

Like the magi. 
Like the shepherds. 
Like the two young parents.
They all longed to be in His presence.

Ah, that’s when the magic happens.
That’s when you hear His voice.
That’s when you are filled to overflowing; when you seek the Lord with all your heart.

Alongside the dirty shepherds and road weary wise men, I found my own place in the Christmas story this year, as a seeker.