Thursday, June 11, 2009

Just a Little Touch of Jesus

Jerry, who works in our warehouse, had a visit from a man performing a routine inspection on one of our shipments last Wednesday. In the course of the conversation, the man said, "Jerry, can I put your name on my prayer list?" Jerry was certainly surprised by this request and told him sure! As the conversation progressed, the man went on to say, "Jerry, do you have a prayer list? Will you put my name on it?" I don't know if Jerry has a prayer list, or if he is a believer, but he told the man that he would be praying for him too.

As Jerry relayed this conversation to me, he was still processing this whole conversation and said, "I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna be praying for him. And he's gonna be praying for me. Isn't that amazing?"

You is amazing. It's amazing what God can do with our obedience. Jerry got just a little touch of Jesus in this casual conversation-in a warehouse-on a Wednesday. And it really made an impression. So much so that he had to tell me about it. You can be sure that in the quiet moments, working by himself, he's replayed this conversation over and over in his mind, and remembering how it felt to have this random blessing bestowed on him. I've been praying that in these moments, that the Holy Spirit would speak to Jerry's heart. That a yearning for more and more of Jesus would grow.

So what about you and me? What is our response when our Master has someone who needs just a little touch of Jesus, and he needs us to be the vessel through which his strong hand is extended? We've got to be ready. Listening.

It's kind of exciting to think about isn't it?...being used by the Almighty.
I'm speaking at a PreTeen camp next week. Here's get it.

Here's God.

He's just there for me. He smiles at me through this process...maybe there's some eye-rolling, certainly some head shaking...but he's just there. For me. In all my weakness and human-ness.

Aren't you glad for that? In your own moments like this?