Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer's Gone!

I remember way back when..about a year ago when I started this blog that I wrote the obligatory post most people write to introduce themselves, saying how they've never done this before, yada yada yada...and then at some point they seem to fall off the wagon.  So here I find myself resisting the temptation to write a "Blogger Guilt" post.  So I'm not gonna take your time telling you about crashing after VBS, or desperately trying to get my son back to school in good fashion, or complain about how busy the days have been (you're welcome), you get that, right?

But summer's gone!  Can't believe it!  However, this is my favorite time of year.  The anticipation of the 3 weeks of fall we get in Texas is almost as good as the 3 weeks of fall we get in Texas!  I can't wait for the autumn colors to begin popping up everywhere, and the soups and chili, and snuggly blankets at night!  I'm trying to rush it I guess because the other night I wanted to make Frito Pie for a quick meal and both my hubs and son said, "NO!!! It's too hot!"  So I'll wait until it's in at least the 80's at night before I try again...teehee.