Sunday, December 11, 2011

I'm So Glad...I'm a Part...of the Family of God!

I'm so proud of my church family today.  It's been a great day! Busy. Activity packed. But the kind of day that leaves you with a satisfied feeling when you lay your head on your pillow. 

After the worship service, some of the ladies in our Womens Ministries met to have a new event for us,
We brought 2 dozen cookies and met at the church to put plates of cookies together, to take to three sweet ladies who have been sick or just don't get to get out much.  Someone brought poinsettias, someone brought cute napkins, we made punch and got cups and away we went with our "Christmas Party to Go."

We sang carols, shared special memories , listened to stories and prayed together.  It was just a special time!  (Here's just a few of us having fun with Santa at one of the stops.)

Then when we got back to the church there was another group gathering to go to my friend Missy's house (remember, she had a liver transplant a few weeks ago).  This was the "Happy Hour" Sunday School Class, and they were equipped to decorate Missy and John's house inside and out.

Pastor Justin started out our Advent focus by asking us to look for God this season.  He reminded us that it's so easy to let the busy days all run together until all of a sudden...we realize Christmas has come and gone, and we've had our focus on the wrong thing!

I'm proud of my church family because everywhere you turn, it seems like they are thinking of others this year more than ever! 

I'm proud of the 5th/6th Grade Sunday School class as they have lead a service project for the whole church to participate in! 

I'm proud of the Youth Department who have spent several hours at the church to ready the set for the Live Nativity.  This is their gift to the community each year.

I'm proud of Womens Ministries and this new, fun way to have a party and be Jesus to our friends!

I'm proud of the Happy Hour Sunday School class.  They gave up their traditional Christmas party to help out Missy who isn't quite strong enough to decorate like she usually does.

I'm glad to be part of this family! I'm glad to be part of God's family!