Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Mommy Heart

This is Landry.  He's 16.  He loves to laugh.  He loves to play guitar and drums.  He loves (ok...adores) his Dad.  He loves to skate.  He's got the whole skater look going for him.

Until...he decided he wanted to get his hair cut off.  He said he was sick of it being long.  So he asked if it was ok if he got it cut.  Short.  I wasn't sure what that meant exactly,

Until...he sent this pic from the salon.  WOWZA!  He wasn't kidding!  He said it feels way lighter, and that now he has peripheral vision (did I spell that right?). 

When you become a mom, i think you grow a special place inside which houses your "mommy heart."  It's a curious thing, this mommy heart.  And something as simple as a hair cut can bring the widest range of feelings to it! 

I just want to look at him a bunch right now because he looks so different, and every once in a while I get a brief glimpse of the little boy he was. 

That little boy is the one who made me promise that when he went to college I would go with him. 
That little boy would pose for pictures at the drop of a hat. 
That little boy loved me to sing Chababba, Chababba to him every night.

Until....he got too big for those things.

Sometimes I can see the little boy Landry at the same time as I see the 16 year old Landry.  Then when I see him with a look like this

I can catch a glimpse of the man he will become, and there's a little tug in my mommy heart as I realize how close he is to being out my door and creating his own adventure. 

So until that day, we try to live every minute we can with him! 
Until that day, we stay involved in his life as much as he needs us to.
Until that day, we will have all the kids at our house. 
Until that day, we will buy lots of pizza for them to eat. 
Until that day, we will push equipment on the band trips.
Until that day, we will stay out until 2:00am (like we did last night) with him! 

So mommies, enjoy the moments that become minutes that become memories and listen to your mommy heart, just like Jesus' mother did!

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in  her heart."  (luke 2:19)