Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Mom's Santa and other random Christmas things

My Mom gave me her Santa for my home a few years ago.  As a child I remember him holding candy canes, but I have re-purposed him to hold Christmas cards from our friends.  This is one my favorite things to unpack each holiday season.  Last year, I didn't even pack it away, but kept it in my room on top of a high dresser so I could see it all year.

I have a friend who shared a great idea...she puts all the photo Christmas cards in a basket on her breakfast table, and each morning she and her family choose one of the photo cards and pray for that family.  They do this all year long.  Cool idea I think!

This is my mantle this year.  I love how it turned out!

My husband Keith and I made these ornaments with the names of Jesus on them years ago on one of our first Christmas's together.  They are some of my favorite things to put on the tree.

The remains of Christmas morning breakfast...Monkey Bread.  Can't have Christmas at my house without it!

The table all set and ready for lunch with our family and the Allen's, some of our dear friends. 


Dawn said...

Merry Christmas! I'll bet your house is beautiful! I remember how you love to decorate! Love the mantel! and the names of Jesus ornaments. That's inspired me to make my own! Just what I needed. Another Craft to start! (and not finish!)

Jara said...

I LOOOOOOVE your little Santa!!! Mantle looks great, and Monkey Bread is one of our must's at mom's as well! ;) Merry Christmas!

marymary said...

Thanks Dawn, did you notice the beautiful family in the Santa pic? I just saw that!

Jara, thanks to you too, can't wait to see pics of your new house!

Andi said...

Hi! I just stumbled upon you from my sister Dawn's blog! I love your Santa. I have a ceramic Santa that was my Mom's and it always held candy canes. The bag is not big enough for cards, but it is one of my favorite decorations.

marymary said...

Andi, I love your sister! She and Les were very dear friends when we lived in Woodward. I'm so glad to have caught up with her again! Thanks! My Santa is a treasure! I'm not sure any of my siblings realize my Mom gave it to me! It's my secret! haha

nazaratholic said...

My mom has that same Santa but he's wearing red! They must have shopped at the same A & P!
Also, please come to my house and do my mantle next Christmas!