Monday, April 26, 2010

Time to Make the Flowers

Next Saturday is the Celebration of Mothers luncheon at our church.  My friend Monda asked me to make the centerpiece for the table she's decorating.  Each table hostess is responsible for decorating their tables.  There are some really creative and elaborate tables each year.  Part of the fun is walking around and looking at them!

My style is pretty simple, so Monda is up a creek in the elaborate department!  But I enjoy flexing these muscles from time to time!

Here are the centerpieces I made for Monda's tables last year.  I love the way this vase filled with tulips (I used 8 dozen) is big enough for you to get the sense of their natural curves. 

I love this one because of the colors and textures, but I also love this container!  It's actually a silver pedestal urn and I took off the base.  I love the scallops on the rim.  So girly!  Another thing that I love about floral trending right now is - anything goes!  When my Mom was working as a florist, arrangements were more symmetrical, and they always intimidated me.  Now, you can bunch the flowers "every which way", and call it good!

Monda doesn't really give me much direction when I do flowers for her.  I told her that I've been wanting to experiment with a humongo arrangement of hydrangeas.  So...if you've seen something, let me know where!

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Dawn said...

Those are beautiful! You are so talented at making things beautiful!