Thursday, January 13, 2011

What did we ever do without these fancy phones?

I love my Smart Phone.  I'm pretty much attached to it all the time. I thought I was pretty smart at Christmas time.  I was about half way through moving my regular dishes up high and my Christmas dishes down low in the cabinet when the thought hit me...I'm never going to remember where all these things were.

See that was/is a really big deal for me because I agonized with just the perfect way to organize my dishes because, ahem, I have too many a few more than I probably need; so to make them all fit takes skill!

I snapped this pic before I moved another I would remember where everything was after Christmas when the big put up (Christmas dishes) put down (regular dishes) had to happen.  And then you know what? That sweet guy that I'm married to, I'm just going to have to start calling him Mr. Wonderful, executed the big put up/put down for me, and remembered where everything went on his own!

I did pull out my snappy photo to show him though! Didn't want it to go to waste!

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Dawn said...

I love my iphone so much it is a little bit embarrassing! I use it for things like that ll the time--and to look up stuff that I don't need to know but can--and to play with the camera apps--and to keep up with my friends blogs.... :)