Thursday, May 28, 2009

Don't Pour...Draw Out

I'm way behind on my reading. But I'm reading the new stuff first and then backtracking. So today, I'm reading in "K" Magazine an article called, "Unleash a Young Servant" by Tina Houser. I've just discovered Tina Houser, I went to her workshop at CPC in Nashville this year and she's got so much energy, and such great ideas! Love her!

Anyway, in this article she makes the statement "educate does not mean to pour into, but to draw out." That really got me thinking. The best teachers I've observed both in a traditional classroom in a school or in a classroom in the church live this statement. We're not talking pouring into in the context of relationships, but pouring into-in the context of the classroom experience.

I'm not sure I'm always there. Sometimes I'm a "pourer." But I certainly want to be a "drawer". I want the kids who are in my classrooms and those of my teachers to be able to draw out of kids so that they are involved in the experience of the Bible, instead of just being an observer.

Because after all, the Christian life is one of action, not observation!

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