Thursday, May 21, 2009

Showing You What?

I received a huge compliment the other day. A co-worker said, "Mary-you are always happy. No matter what happens around here, I can count on you showing me happy." That made me feel really good, but also since then has caused me to make sure that he is continuing to see me "showing happy"!

See-when I interact with co-workers, friends or my family, I want to show them happy...sure!...but I really want to show them Jesus. I want to be an influencer-not just for happy, but for my Savior!

So what are you showing in your world? That's a heavy question for busy moms and dads, grandparents and caregivers. Are we showing faithfulness, compassion, forgiveness? Through the power of the Holy Spirit-we CAN !

Are we remembering that what we see for our children in 10-20 years...probably isn't possible for them right now? Are we showing them acceptance? Through the power of the Holy Spirit we CAN !

Oh my dear friends, I'm praying for you! That you can show Jesus everywhere. Maybe in your workplace, it's showing integriity. Maybe in your church, it's showing faithfulness. Maybe in your home, it's showing acceptance.

Oh yea, and the happy just a bonus!

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