Sunday, January 10, 2010

Board Epiphany Dinner

Each year in January the staff wives prepare a dinner for the church board.  We began having this event after the Christmas rush several years ago.  Everyone is relaxed, schedules are free, and it's always a fun evening.  We have it at our Sr. Pastor's home, which is beautiful.  Here are some of the creative arrangements that Wilma of Gigi's Events made for the tables.  She and her daughter are getting an event planning business off the ground, and I'd say she has a bright future!  The tables are stunning as you'll see below!

See I told you, pretty impressive!


On the right is Wilma making a last-minute adjustment, cause I told her I wanted to take a pic of her!

This my favorite pic from the night!

So that's that for another year.  Time to go to bed!


sara's art house said...

Oh my goodness! Beautiful! And I love that umbrella centerpiece!

Dawn said...

ooo that made me happy! How pretty that is! How fun to attend a dinner in someone's home with the tables so beautiful!