Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea Time

Today was our annual Tea at my church.  This was the 10th Annual Tea that we've had.  Everyone brings a teacup to exchange, and after we munch on the yummies, we are put together in pairs and you give your cup to your prayer partner and they to you.  The Tea Committee knows how to do an authentic English Tea, and it is always beautiful, tasty and above all else, fun! 

You will notice the diet coke at my place setting.  I had quite a selection of beverages today.  On my way out the door at 10:40 I remembered I hadn't had a diet coke yet, grabbed it and didn't quite finish before I got to the Tea.  It was funny how many people came up to me afterwards and told me they wish they would have thought of that! 

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Dawn said...

How fun! I love tea parties!