Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Egg Plate

It's always fun for me to hear stories of families; their things, their traditions, their why's and the who's that connect them for always.

The Egg Plate is one of those "things" from my husband Keith's family.  When you go to his Mom's house, you can be assured of wonderful southern hospitality, which includes a big, country breakfast.  Her eggs are always served on the same plate, The Egg Plate, and I've never seen her serve anything else but eggs on that plate.  Funny how the Egg Plate thing was passed down from mother to daughter, and Keith's Mom has one now too.

Keith's Grandmother died a few years ago, and I was privileged to receive HER Egg Plate.  Since then, when I make eggs for my family, I always use it.  Every time I pull it out of the cabinet to serve eggs, I think of the unspoken tradition, and the way this plate represents a little piece of "sameness" in the midst of our ever-changing world.

There are other items that are in my shelves of course, that represent the past.  I'm so glad for the stories that they carry, the people they represent, and the memories they help keep alive.

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Dawn said...

cool! I love traditions!