Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Know...I'm Weird

I really love bookstores.  I loved bookstores before it involved the must-have cup of coffee to carry around while you browse.  Here's what I like:
1.  that all the pages don't feel the same
2.  that they come in different sizes
3.  that some books have pictures
4.  that some books do not have pictures
5.  the journey each one represents to a reader
6.  the smell of a leather bound book...(don't even get me started about how great a new Bible smells!)
(I'm sure there are a few more, but that's enough).

Now to the weird part:  you know what I don't like about bookstores?
1.  that I can never. without a doubt. even-though-I-might-have-the-best-intentions. read all the books that are in the bookstore.

This is not a new issue for me.  When I was in the 6th grade I thought I would read all the books in my school library.  I got all the way through the A's, and realized that I just couldn't do it! 

Being a cosmopolitan woman of 2010 I don't present a problem without presenting a solution is:  they could stop the publishing of all books for a certain amount of time so that I could catch up. 

But I know they won't do that.  So a trip to the bookstore means my tummy gets this tiny, tiny, kind of fuzzy feeling of defeat, and I have to make myself stop thinking about it.

Because I can't.  ever. without a doubt. even-though-I-might-have-the-best-intentions. read all the books.
I know...I'm weird. (sigh)


Jara said...

Did you read Farenheit 451 or something???? You're funny, but I hear ya! What good books have you read lately? Summertime is my reading time, this year by the pool! Can't wait!

marymary said...

No....can't blame it on that! I haven't read any books-for-fun lately. Got any good ideas?

Dawn said...

You crack me up! I love that post! That's how I feel. I have all these books I want to read and I just keep finding more!