Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Camp

I've been home a week from camp, but haven't gotten a chance to tell you about it yet.  You know the running through the first few days, trying to find your routine and tripping over the remains of your trip on the floor and the catching up and reprioritizing and laundry, and man...I'm tired all over again just typing it out! 

Camp was great!  It always is.  With hours of planning, preparation, happens.  The kids come bounding out of vans and buses and SUV's with their neatly packed suitcases and their fists full of crumpled dollars to spend at the souvenir shop/snack shack.  They drag their sleeping bags and pillows through the dirt to put them on their little bunk beds and get settled in.  Their eyes are twinkly and their steps are bouncy and their voices are loud as they pick out the perfect sleep spot, check out the bathrooms and ask when they can go swimming! 

The counselors and helpers arrive fresh with makeup and new tennis shoes and their clothes are ironed and their pockets filled with patience.  On the last day...not so much! (ha)  And everyone takes their spot, and the chow bell rings and the first day begins. 

I remember being just where those campers were last week.  Enthusiastic about being independent for a week, meeting new friends, seeing old friends once again and enjoying the camp experience all the way down to my toes.  I remember one camp where it was by the Bay and the bunks were attached to poles with chains to hold them steady.  I felt like I was on a submarine.  There wasn't always air conditioning in our cabins, and I remember being sticky and hot at night and trying to stay up all night talking to my friend.  I remember one counselor who always wanted to look perfect (ha) and I would always mess up her hair right after she sprayed it.  I bet she was glad to see me go home at the end of camp!

But enough about me! Camp was great!  New friends were made, everyone survived, and of course, the suitcases were lighter on the trip home, because of all the unclaimed towels and underwear left behind. 

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Dawn said...

haha! The homeless towels and underwear and stray socks! That no one wants to touch.....:)