Friday, August 5, 2011


"Look at that!!!"  That's what you can hear at my sister Jeanne's house when rafters float down the river and see the clothesline!

This is so funny!  As you can see the perspective in the photo, the underwear look almost as big as the little camper.  THEY ARE !!!  They are at least 4x4..that's 4x4 feet wide!  One night we were eating dinner on the back porch, and these 2 rafters came down the river and one kept saying to the other one:  "get the camera, get the camera, look at that, get the camera!"  She never could get the camera in time to take a picture.  She did almost capsize her raft trying though.

It's easy to tell people where Jeanne's house is just say, "her house is on the river, you know the one with the giant panties!" 

She flies those panties like the queen.  You always know she's there if the panties are blowing in the wind.


Jara said...

That is just too funny! I love it!

Dawn said...

Those are fun!