Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Meet Patrick.  He's a huge stuffed animal that a family gave me with an equally huge box of candy one Valentine's Day.  He took up an entire chair in my office for a few weeks, then I decided that he was going to go  home with a different child each week, and have fun adventures with them.

He's been out to countless restaurants, the dentist, museums, on vacations all over the place, he's a great cuddler, but one thing that the kids know...Patrick doesn't like water.  They take good care of him.

These days, he's looking a little loved on, and not quite as big as he used to be.  That's just fine!  He's becoming the Velveteen Patrick!

So it was time for me to go on vacation a few weeks ago.  I packed Patrick along with all our luggage and gave him the trip of his lifetime!  He went to college, to the Air Force Academy and even fell off the side of a mountain on a hiking trip.  (Thank you Sam-my brother-for rescuing Patrick!)

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