Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Kidmin Conference-Can't wait!

I'm so excited about this brand new kidmin conference that is only days away!  When I was a new children's pastor, I went to a conference by Group, and loved it.  To my knowledge, they haven't had a conference in several years, so I was a happy girl when they started promoting this new conference.

Here are some things about it that I love:
There will be the typical workshops and large group sessions, but with a twist.  There will be times for conversations and networking with both other children's pastors who are right in the trenches with you, as well as the speakers and presenters.

There will be time to digest what you've learned; you know...time to think it through without an unending information cram the whole time you're there.

Group always makes it easy for churches of all different sizes to minister to kids.  There will be targeted groups to fit your ministry.  Not only just the size of your ministry-but also the focus that you are needing to learn more about.

I just can't wait!  I feel blessed to be able to go, woo hoo!

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