Friday, September 16, 2011

Watch Your Toes!!

Last week after a desperate call from the coordinator, I volunteered in the 3 year old classroom at MOPS.  It was so fun!  As a children's pastor, I spend most of my time with Elementary age children, so I really enjoyed being with these little ones.

So, toward the end of the day, a little guy said, "Ms. Mary!"  I looked over to see him standing on the tile portion of our room (luckily) with his legs spread apart a little, and pee falling to the floor.  He had just waited too long. (For the record, I asked them all a million times if they had to go).

There was no need to do anything until he was done, so after a few more seconds, and my saying, "don't move, don't move" a million times, I began cleaning up the accident. 

That's when it happened...I got pee on my toes!  Oogie!  I had to smile though, because I'd just read a post from my friend Judy who is beginning a 2nd battle with cancer.  (I wasn't smiling because the cancer came back...but because of the difference in our "toe" stories.

She was in a prayer circle at her church recently, and the lady next to her began weeping.  She got tears on her toes from this sweet friend.  If you clicked on the link and read the post from Judy...isn't that strong? She's such an inspiration and so courageous.

No tears on my toes, but a sweet time with little kiddos anyway!

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Dawn said...

Such a life f excitement! I find condoms on books--you dip your toes in pee! Actually the condom incident was lo-n-g ago but it is just a small part of what separates me from my friends who work with young children!