Friday, October 21, 2011


I got back from Kidmin Conference a few weeks ago.  Some things you learn you can come back and implement immediately.  But others it takes some thought, planning, tweaking before you can put legs to the new seed God plants in your heart.

Funny thing...I finally got around to reviewing my notes from the conference, and over and over, the message I had written down was centered around kids in leadership. new seed involves children in leadership.  I've already had some conversations with kids who I've identified as leaders in a particular place in our program.  They are bouncing at the idea!

Kids in leadership is right on target too.  We've got an abundance of leaders!  In fact, in a random conversation just this week, someone-not even on the Children's Ministry staff-commented that we have classrooms full of leaders. It's true!

What will it mean for the future when we embrace developing leaders earlier in our church? 
It's pretty exciting to think about!

What will their OS look like? (ahem. Operating System) 

Leadership in God's church is their OS.
Service is their OS.
A radar for seeing needs and meeting them is their OS.

All because they were given a chance to develop this skill early!  They were given the chance to find their strengths and grow them as kids, not having to wait until adulthood to begin work in the kingdom!

Wow! Is that exciting or what?

Gotta go, I've got some work to do!

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