Friday, October 16, 2009

What You See

I was stopped dead in my tracks Wednesday night while talking to one of my teachers at church. This particular teacher always has something wise to say, and this night was no different.

If you've been in a classroom at all, you know that from time to time it's just stressful. Maybe that stress comes from fatigue (your or the children's), or from not being as prepared as you should be, or from behavior issues...there are lots more, but we'll stop get the idea.

So the teacher began telling me that she's been praying for her kids in earnest. There are several different kinds of kids in her class: one who knows lots about the Bible, one who hasn't been to church very much in their life, one who doesn't like to follow directions, one who likes to interrupt. And in each of their own ways, they can be an interruption to the classroom.

She told me that when she was talking to God about one of the kids who is an interrupter, God said back to her: "What you see as an interruption, I see as someone who can speak my truth!"

That's it...that's what stopped me cold. Wow...I need to remember that every time I step in front of kids. What I see and what God sees is so different. God has big plans for all of us! God has big plans for the kids in our classrooms. Their idea of God will come from what they see of the Godly.

I'm humbled and inspired by her words.
And I can't wait to get back to class to "see" those kids with "God eyes"!