Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Me!

Happy Birthday Me!  That's's that time of year...when I get to celebrate me, and better than that, those around me do too!  Ok, before you click off because you think I'm arrogant and loathesome (don't use that word a lot!), let me tell you that it's hard being a birthday girl!  Even though I have to be in front of people lots of the time, to have all the attention focused on me, and have people sing to me and applaud my ability to put out fire (at my age there's lots of "fire" on my cakes!), all makes me a little uncomfortable!

It's been a great birthday though!  I've celebrated for several days actually; lunch with friends from work, cupcakes at the ladies retreat I went to, funny cards, sweet cards, make-my-eyes-water-cards, original compositions and artwork from my siblings, sigh...I do feel duly celebrated and loved!

And then there's this birthday cake!  It's from my hubs and son!  They made it and iced it themselves!  It's my favorite...strawberry!  This is one of the sweetest tihngs they've done for me!  I LOVE it!  I love that they shopped for the ingredients (I mean a cake mix), that they got out the actual mixer and made sure there would be no lumps, that they bought a special icing thingy to ice it, and that they put it on a beautiful plate because presentation is so important!  I love that my husband made time to do this with my son while I was gone; and laughed with him, and worked together to get it right, all the while modeling a sweet gesture of love!  That rocks!

I could write more, but I gotta go get me a piece of that cake!

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