Friday, March 2, 2012

My Favorite Word

I just read something with the question:  What is your favorite word?  It took about 2 seconds for this word to pop into my mind.


I think I love the word still.

I love my favorite word -still- at night when I lie in bed, everyone is all settled down for their sleep, and I can hear the silence.
No sounds, no hum of computers, no music, no distractions. Just the sound of still.

I love it because of Psalm 23 and the reminder that "he leads us beside still waters."  Man...I'm so thankful for the still-water-times in my walk with the Lord. 
The times when we can just -be- with the Father. 
The crisis-free, frantic-free, times we enjoy. 

Insert tiny laugh here because, we all know trouble free times are rare, and boy, aren't we thankful that the still waters are also found in the midst of crisis and frantic living.  Responsibility and deadlines and people issues OH MY!  They swirl around...and ahhh...even then, you can turn to the master and retreat to the still waters of fellowship with him.  He even reminds us of this with the "Be still and know that I am God" verse.  Sometimes in the midst of our frenzy, the best thing we can do is be still and listen for God's voice guiding us to the solution we need.

I love my favorite word -still- when I think of grace.  I must confess that I'm a sinner in need of grace.  I make mistakes, the worst of me comes out sometimes, and I do not always make my Savior proud. 

But still He loves me.
Still He wants me to come near to him and pour out my heart.
Still He wants me to lay my burdens down,
He wants to see the broken pieces of my situation,
He wants to be my Savior.
He doesn't want to put distance between us.
He doesn't want to scold and fume at me.
He just loves me

Isn't that a great word?

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