Friday, March 23, 2012

I'm a Homebody

My ideal day is spent at home. That's funny for me to say, because I've never thought about this before.  I've felt this way for several years, but putting thought to what that means to me is another thing. 

You see, I'm an on-the-go girl.  And in the "before":  home did not hold adventure or excitement. 
Home meant familiar, predictable, routine.

After all...there was a big world out there waiting for me to embrace all it could throw in my path.  Home just shut that all out!

Now I know this one thing...there is enough adventure in my life.  Really.  It's thrust upon me on a daily basis.

There's enough busy in my life.  I may be guilty on occasion of  meeting myself coming and going.

And change?  Fuh-get-about-it!

I really treasure my time at home.

Routine?  I adore you. You haven't changed a bit!
Familiar?  You get yourself right in here! Let me hug your neck!
Predictability?  There's a seat for you at my kitchen table.  Let me introduce you to "same ole, same ole" and "been there, done that!"

Home is my safe haven.  It's a wonderful memory-laced caccoon of happy, growing up and lessons proudly lining it's walls.

Home is there when I fail.
Home is there when I fall.
Home is there when I'm at my best and welcomes me when I'm at my worst.

So I lift my glass to the homebody I've become. 

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