Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting ready for the BIG DAY

I'm working at the church this morning getting ready for the BIG DAY! Easter Sunday!  The cleaning crew is here and making everything sparkle, readying the building for the saints and the seekers who will be with us on Resurrection morning.

I realized it's been awhile since I've been here.

So in an effort to remedy that, here's a photo essay in short form of what my day has consisted of so far.

First stop: picking up lilies to grace the sanctuary on Sunday. My car smelled so good, it was kind of tempting just to keep riding around for awhile and breathing in the sweet, lily smell.

Next on to the church and I spent a few minutes pulling the little yellow things out of the lilies.  They are a mess, but my mom has always told me the lilies last longer without the yellow thing.

They look great all lined up in the sanctuary.  I know it will drive the perfectionists in the crowd crazy because there is one more on the left side of the podium than the right side. 
Bless them. 
I'm just mean.  (haha)

I think all this hard work deserves a snack. So I raided the refrigerator in the kitchen.

Next down to the office to make the memorial worship folder.  Children's Ministries receives the proceeds from the lily sale each year, and the worship folder lists those in whose name the lilies are placed.  It's a special way to honor or remember someone.  And it's an easy fundraiser!

And that's it...all before noon!  Now it's time for lunch!

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