Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just Breathin'....

That's how I feel, I'm just breathin' today. This has been the busiest 3 weeks on record. It was like December! I had a Children's Musical, then a special surprise thing for our Pastor and wife, and then last weekend was Princess and Pirate Party. They were all really fun...but I'm glad to have a few days that are just normal. Maybe I can catch up on my laundry. Maybe finish the project of cleaning out/throwing away at home. Maybe have a date with my husband! Maybe my family will get a home-cooked meal served at our dining room table. Maybe I will get to read the rest of that book that I started.

But for now I'm just gonna breathe. Ahhhhh...I like this breathin' thing...I should do it more often!

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Jara said...

Yes I saw all of Lady Gaga's outfits - including the one that looked like our acorns - she scares me:) - hee heee!