Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Only a Shadow

My son is 15 and plays drums in the HS marching band. In Texas, where football is king, our weekends are spent under the Friday night lights, and in October, our Saturdays are spent at band contests. So last weekend began the first of a very long month for us. (Please pause to say a prayer for us here.)

They say when things happen in threes you better pay attention, and I've got such an occurence to document.

So here's #1. Friday night at the game, there was a little girl standing down by the fence looking through the chain links and intently watching the cheerleaders. She waved her arms every time they waved their arms. She threw her head forward every time they threw their heads forward. She jumped every time they jumped.

#2 and 3 were together on Saturday at band contest. There were two kids standing by themselves, and one was playing drum major and one was playing color guard with a flag. They waved their arms and flag fast at the fast parts, slowly at the slow parts, and they even traded their positions back and forth.

It stopped me, these expressions of admiration from children, and reminded me of the power of influence. Do we even realize how our actions are affecting those around us? The watchers, the followers, the imitators. Who are these people in your world?
Acquaintances at the gym?
Parents on the t-ball team?

Kind of makes you stop and think. It's a little humbling to me. Here's my prayer: That watching me is only a shadow of me watching Christ. That following me is only a shadow of me following Christ. That imitating me is only a shadow of me imitating Christ.
Father let my life be only a shadow of you.

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Lizla said...

This sure made me think about my actions and what influence my actions have on others. Yes, truly humbling!! -Lizla