Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Fun Summer Afternoon

On Saturday, I had some time all by myself.  I took my son to a skate park with his friend, and I took some work to do. I knew there was a pretty little park across the street where I could work.  I made sure the boys were in the skate park and then walked across the street, and sat down.  As I was walking, I was thinking...It might be hard to concentrate on work, because everything was so green, beautiful, and there were happy families playing together.  But I was determined.  I got all my work spread out, got comfortable in my picnic table seat and looked up...

How are you supposed to work with that view?  It was beautiful!  I couldn't concentrate so I turned a little to get a NEW view.  Maybe that would help!  Maybe not.

Oh no!  I came here to work!  Another beautiful view, and very shortly, a mom and her adorable little girl with ringlets and a party dress on came to take pictures on the bridge. 

Then I noticed the background...see that rail car?  I had to get a closer look!

I've always wanted a rail car to have a classroom in at church!  That would be so cool!  ( you can see, after the little girl and her mother came to the bridge, I'd had enough work and packed it all up, to walk around and enjoy this beautiful park.) 

There were some guys dressed up like knights or some such period costumes that were jousting , but I didn't take a picture of them because they were armed with styrofoam swords and who wants to be charged by an angry knight with a styrofoam sword?

The next thing that caught my attention was this:

It looked so charming and inviting, and I wasn't disappointed.


but THIS made me smile!!

It was one of those old fashioned coolers!  When I was little, and we would go visit relatives in a small Oklahoma town, there was an old country store with wooden floors and a screen door at the end of the road where my uncle's house was.  One of the coolest things about going to that store was that you could go in and get a drink and you didn't need money!  Everyone knew everyone, and you could just tell them who you were, and at the end of the month, they would send my uncle a statement.  He bought me lots of Fanta Orange Sodas without even knowing it!

I sure did enjoy my day, and the work got done later Saturday night!


Jara said...

Where were you? I wanna go!!!

marymary said...

In Plano on 15th St.