Friday, May 14, 2010

You May Not Know This About Me...

but I LOVE the circus!  Seriously.  I don't know why, can't remember when it started, but I love the circus!  It was always so fun every year when the circus came to town. 

So we were driving home from dinner tonight and passed the arena and I saw a sign like this on the marquee:

Immediately I let out a big "woohoo" because advertising has already begun for the summer run of the circus.  But my excitement was not shared by my family. 
They do not love the circus.
They do not love going to see the animals unloading from the train and led through town. 
They do not love watching the elephants get washed. 
They do not love the flying trapeze,
the car with 15 thousand clowns,
eating cotton candy
or my favorite part...

The Ringmaster!  Or more specifically, when the Ringmaster says these famous words as the evening begins:
"Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls,
children of all ages,
welcome to the greatest show on earth."

and the words that some people miss at the end because they leave too early:
"...and may all your days be circus days."

Corny, I know...but I love it! 
Maybe I love it because there's something for everyone: wild animals, silly clowns, displays of bravery and athleticism, junk food.
Maybe because of the mystery that surrounds circus people.  I mean really, who would choose a life like theirs?  It seems to be a family business though. 

Maybe I love it because you see people (you know, children of all ages) laughing, clapping, smiling and having fun together! 

That must be it, the children of all ages part. After all, that's what scripture directs us to come to the father as a child, no matter what our age.  I love the word picture here...of coming to God in the most simple way we a child.  Takes the pressure off!  I'm thankful for that!

So, I'll just keep enjoying the circus (sans my family), treasuring the memories of my own childhood, and making all my day circus days! (Cause my life is so crazy it really is a circus!)

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Dawn said...

Your silly family--not loving what you love!