Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Mom with the Drummer Boy

You know, I've said that I always thought it would fun to be a groupie & run away with a band, but I was thinking Bon Jovi or Aerosmith!  Not the marching band!  Life's funny like that!

All the band parents have to get to help the band set up before the halftime show.  It's funny what they ask you to do.  Landry's freshman year, my job during the show was to stand on the cord that connected the sound system to the outlet in the wall of the stadium.  Seriously.  That was a job! Until I got replaced by a generator. Sigh.  So then they found other things for me to do.

So here's me... I'm just the band mom, with the drummer boy.
I'm the prop mover, he's breaking his sticks.
I'm the gong pusher, he's keeping the beat.
I'm the uniform inspector, he's looking cool on the drumline.

I love it!  (and in case you're wondering, in the picture above...they have to hold the strap of their hat in their mouths so that if their hat falls off their head during the show when they're moving around, it won't fall into the drum head.)

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Dawn said...

I love the angle of that picture!