Monday, May 3, 2010

I'm Glad I'm a Mother

My son, Landry, is 15. He's the coolest kid I know. I've loved every age he's been. Now we're at the age of him not wanting us to embarrass him. So sometimes I like to play with him and tell him that I'm going to burst out into song in front of his friends, or wear a t-shirt with his picture on it to the football game, or tell stories of him a a baby.

I love to be silly with him and try to make him laugh, and remind him that God thought that I was the best mother for him!  He matched us up, and I am the best that God could do! He rolls his eyes and says, "thanks, a lot." He has fun with me right back!

So this week I want to post some of my favorite pics of the little guy that made me a mother. 

In this pic he's saying, "I'll be your bu-ud."  Which he would say to me when he wanted me to do something. 

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